On Mission for You

At Calibration Counseling I offer health for relationships, relief from depression & anxiety, practical help for reducing stress, and intensive counseling retreats. In my practice, I utilize the latest research, especially pertaining to brain and overall health. I believe that if we challenge and then change our perspective, we can change our lives. That change is only meaningful if it can be sustained over time. 

Lasting change comes from believing fresh and new perspectives on the same reality. We will work together to find mindsets, and learn what is driving decisions that are keeping you stuck. 

You will know you are working towards change within the first hour of therapy. Whether we are unwinding anxiety, relieving depression, reducing stress or creating relationship health, together we are creating lasting change. Calibration Counseling is Your Personal Catalyst for Change.

What Are You Struggling With?


 Research tells us that Depression affects 1 in 3 adults at some point in their life. Depression can hit after an event or a trauma. Depression can also be pervasive, or chronic, for some individuals. Depression can be seasonal or even cyclical. 

Dealing With Depression


 Anxiety is a physical manifestation of fear and worry. The body anchors itself in the uncomfortable. Thoughts don’t quit; they keep circling around and around in the brain. 

Dealing With Anxiety


 We can’t get around it. Stress. It is everywhere. The daily commute, lack of sleep, busy schedules, relationship issues all contribute to our stressful lives. We are inundated from every angle.  

Dealing With Stress

Couples Therapy

Communication, past baggage, unfair fighting, sex, money, and control are aspects to work on when working with couples. Bottom line, in couples work, willingness and forgiveness are key elements to strengthening the relationship connection. 

Issues in Your Relationship


First and foremost, discipline, or teach, while continuously communicating love to them. Parents loving children in a way that raises them up to love God and to be assets in the community is our goal at Calibration Counseling. 

Issues with Your Children

Weight Loss

Extra weight is common in our society today. In certain communities in the US, up to 1 in 3 adults are overweight. In combination with what statements are preventing healthy living, we look at lifestyle changes necessary to drop the weight and keep it off.  

Issues With Weight


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