Meet Alicia, your Counselor.

Alicia Elliott, LPC

My name is Alicia Elliott and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). After earning a B.A. Degree from Texas Tech University in 1984, I spent a few years traveling and living in exotic places such as Tahiti as a cruise director. Later, I pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology at Chapman University that was completed in 1994. I spent several years focusing on raising my boys, while living out my value of being home for them. Later, working alongside a cardiologist, I helped write a wellness application study that is available on Amazon. That was one of my noted accomplishments, as was my international scuba license I earned while living in Tahiti. Today I am utilizing my experience and credentials as an LPC in private practice.


My daily walk with Jesus continually shows me that getting quiet and prayer time grow me up as an individual and in relationship; without it I can easily backslide into anger and resentments. I am ever grateful for my personal relationship with Jesus.

Being a mom has been simultaneously most precious and most humbling. Raising boys to men is not work for the faint of heart. I have radically grown in humility and perseverance through parenting and loving my guys. 

For me, inspiring change is very fulfilling and I’m thankful it is my profession. 

I absolutely love to travel, because it allows more relational time to connect.  it absolutely also sparks my sense of adventure!  In my free time, you could find me in my cozy spot researching health and wellness, planning my next retreat or vacation.  I’m always up for walking or taking a yoga class with a friend, I love meaningful conversations and making dinner while dancing in the kitchen with Cliff.  And, although you won’t ‘find’ me, I might be picking berries at a nearby farm with my girlfriend Nanci.  My two favorites...meaningful connections and adventure, and that’s what my practice offers whether on a retreat or in a counseling session.  

My Methodology

Relational issues are an integral part of my work. During therapy, I tend to utilize CBT, or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  

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