Dealing With Anxiety

Let’s face it. Anxiety feels absolutely awful. It affects every fiber of our being. Anxiety is a physical manifestation of fear and worry. The body anchors itself in the uncomfortable. Thoughts don’t quit; they keep circling around and around in the brain. Sleep is forfeited. Tossing and turning, primarily due to over thinking, becomes the norm. Tension is high. Physical discomforts abound. Physically, anxiety can manifest in the chest, the stomach, the gut, or maybe even the jaw. Tingling sensations may also be present. Often people that suffer from anxiety say it can be impossible to think straight or concentrate. Life feels out of control. In a futile effort to control things that are out of our control, anxiousness sets in, and the feeling of being out-of-control worsens. Stress levels rise. 

Anxiety may cause Panic Attacks. A Panic Attack, a specific entity of Anxiety, has its own set of characteristics. People feel like they can’t breathe, often comparing the feeling to an elephant is on their chest. In the middle of a Panic Attack, people often believe they are having a heart attack, and feel as if they are going to die. Regardless of the severity of anxiety, even when Panic Attacks are involved, I can help. 

In counseling, I use a ten point list of techniques that lower anxiety, and can lessen or dissipate Panic Attacks. We work on techniques that stop repetitive thoughts. We work on breathing techniques and relaxation exercises. When confronting anxiety, perspective change becomes necessary, and fears are faced directly. Learning what is in our control, and what is not, is very effective. We use known strategies that help people lower baseline stress levels that directly effect anxiety. Anxiety is manageable. Let’s get started with your counseling today.