Corporate Wellness Campaigns

Calibration Wellness

You are invited to join an 80 day journey!

I have personally designed an invigorating & creative, individual & relational journey to a healthier you, through the workplace, which motivates, utilizing competition and personal goals.  

I call these... Wellness Campaigns.

• Integrating personal goals with team goals

• Utilizing attainable measurements

• Competitions stirring  & creating energy

• Generating more fun & energy through rewards and trophies

• Imagine, in just 80 Days, a team can 'walk around the world'!

• While group ownership produces results, and is an integral part of our Wellness Campaigns, I handle the logistics

• Workplace becomes happier

• Individuals are healthier

• Informative Weekly Newsletters 

• Motivational  & Educational Rallies

• Educationally Driven by the latest research

• Milestones are celebrated

• Kick off and Finish Line Parties

Workplace productivity, presence and efficiency are natural outcomes of Wellness Campaigns that I personally design.  We help individuals become happier and healthier, building healthier families and stronger community!

Are Your Employees Stressed?

We can’t get around it. Stress. It is everywhere. The daily commute, lack of sleep, busy schedules, relationship issues all contribute to our stressful lives. We are inundated from every angle.  

Dealing With Stress