Intense Couple's Retreats: private retreats for one couple

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Join Alicia and Cliff on an awesome journey to create intimacy and connection in your relationship. Using a spectacular vacation setting, we purposefully infuse daily coaching and therapy, couple specific strategies, challenges, and mindfully incorporate the special activities of the area.  As a couple, you are invited to grow in connection and intimacy. Personal growth and relational  fulfillment are inevitable. Intimacy becomes the fruit of the  relationship. 

Rekindle your relationship in a private therapeutic couple's retreat that includes intense couple’s coaching and therapy, utilizing designed excursions.  The details are taken care of; included in our retreat is a fabulous villa or home, a cook for our meals and picnics, excursions, activities, infused counseling and coaching, even taxis and tips during our retreat. This is a phenomenal opportunity to revitalize your relationship.


Whether a villa in Mexico or Tuscany, the spacious villas and homes are specifically chosen to provide privacy in a spectacular setting.  Combining daily therapy with purposeful and meaningful challenges, along with activities of the area, we therapeutically guide a couple into their own private world of connection.

Join us for a wonderful private gathering, where therapeutic challenges and vacation play, intersect with each couple’s  unique intimacy.  

Couple's Intense Retreats. An exclusive 6 day retreat designed exclusively for the two of you.

Once the couple decides to engage in an Intense Couple's Retreat, we together, create a time and  a decide spectacular setting. We ensure a selection and environment that clears the daily stresses and responsibilities.  The Intense Couple's Retreat is an intense 6 day process that reunites the couple through coaching and therapy, time together, specific activities and purposeful strategies which further enhance the therapy process.

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Rekindle the Fire Retreats: retreats for up to five couples


Therapy is still specific for Your Relationship

Five couples in a destination setting, working together toward growth and change.  We coach, counsel, and challenge couples to a healthier more meaningful relationship.  From the moment we greet you, to our purposely planned night out, this retreat ultimately sets your  up for success. 


Destination Therapy and our own Personal Villa

Properties we personally select make a perfect choice for our Rekindle the Fire Couple's Retreats.  Always fully appointed, privacy is of utmost importance, always complete with a private bathrooms, and spectacular locations.  Sample pictures may not represent exact property.  We counsel on catamarans and coach you on balconies.  While group activities are designed to provide insight into the dynamics and patterns that keep you from a healthy fulfilling relationship, excursions are wonderful snapshots into the couple's way of relating.


Relational Growth

Combine a fabulous setting, with purpose and intentionality. There will be daily activities such as snorkeling, salsa dancing, and cocktail hours as well as couple specific counseling sessions that encourage you to Rekindle the Fire in your relationship. 

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We selectively choose a premier destination, or you help us choose a location that's on your bucket list!

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Several couple's retreats planned for 2019.

Small groups of up to 5 couples.

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