Dealing With Stress

We can’t get around it. Stress. It is everywhere. The daily commute, lack of sleep, busy schedules, relationship issues all contribute to our stressful lives. We are inundated from every angle. School, church, work, bills, family and friends all can make demands on our already stretched schedules. We become grouchy and get stressed. We check things off the list, rather than experience life. We lash out. We fight about free time; we fight for our free time. We get stuck. Then…we get sick. 

Managing stress can be simple, but is never easy. At Calibration Counseling it is a two part approach.  

  1. Take out possible stressors
  2. Do things that relax us and reduce stress responses

Easy, right? Not quite as simple as it sounds.

Research does show us that certain activities can effectively reduce stress.  Also, removing stressors can be quite effective.  We, together, brainstorm how to incorporate those healthy, stress lowering activities into your daily living. When it comes to removing stressors though, that’s a different story.  This can be a bit more challenging. What if the kids are the stress? What if the job, that allows for a certain standard of living, is the stressor? We can’t simply delete the job. Instead, re-calibrate at Calibration Counseling.

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