Women's Vitality Retreats

Really Get Know You

Women's Vitality Retreats empower women.  We have mindfully designed our retreats creating an environment that encourages each woman seek their Passion, and Purpose. Retreats take place in various locations throughout the year, including Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in November.  In 2019, we will be going to Playa del Carmen, the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida, Northern and Southern California, and even Luxury International venues like Italy and Greece! 

Each trip is typically 4-6 days in length and includes lodging, most meals, daily counseling sessions, daily yoga sessions, and  adventurous activities that integrate into your personal journey! 

Our time together includes an intentional balance of rest, relaxation, combined with passion, adventure and specifically designed activities. Utilizing our surroundings, each retreat promises to create a wonderful environment toward personal growth and vitality.


Pricing varies on each retreat, depending on the length and location. Join our email list below to be kept up to date on upcoming retreats!


Women's Vitality Retreat November 11-16, 2018!

The Vitality Women’s Retreats focus on Adventure, Passion, and Purposeful Health. This retreat takes place remotely just south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We offer daily Individual and Group Therapy, yoga twice each day at the extraordinary Xinalani Retreat, and clean healthy  eating at every meal.

Be Bold.  Be Courageous.  Be You.