Dealing With Weight


Have Extra Weight?

Extra weight is common in our society today. In certain communities in the US, up to 1 in 3 adults are overweight. When someone comes to therapy and is carrying extra weight, it is inevitable that the weight is an aspect, and sometimes the reason they are in the office. I take a very practical approach to weight loss. Much of the extra weight can often stem from a lack of education. Our culture has blindly trusted what’s on the shelves and what is in our food. Education is incredibly important, and life changing. 



From a cognitive perspective, it is impossible to lose weight when bigger statements like, ‘What’s the point?’ or, ‘I’ll never get there anyway’ are subtle comments one says to themselves, and the ability to lose weight becomes further away. These unhealthy statements drive unhealthy behaviors. In therapy, we will discover what those personal statements are. They are self-sabotaging, and our goal is to dissipate them. 


How Do We Fix It?

In combination with what statements are preventing healthy living, we look at lifestyle changes necessary to drop the weight and keep it off. Our healthy strategies come from the latest research. When it comes to losing weight, often it is a matter of imbalanced hormone health. It is crucial to know your health ‘numbers’. Balancing hormones often becomes a part of the journey. Stress plays a major role in our hormonal health.  Incorporating enough protein, high fiber, low-to-no sugar, plenty of vegetables, lower glycemic fruits, while eating foods we can actually pronounce, can facilitate weight loss. Lifestyle changes, including light to moderate exercise, strength training, and interval workouts are a part of the healthy regime.   Getting a good night's rest is paramount to weight loss.  We incorporate supplements that are specific to healthy living. Healthy eating promotes healthier brains. Depression and Anxiety more easily diminish when healthy habits and weight loss through healthy choices and healthy activities are occurring. Energy returns; energy is a great measure of health!  In turn, health and energy offer us more fulfilling relationships, better sex lives, and pursuing our purpose can become clearer and more action oriented.  Life becomes more enjoyable. Let’s work together on your health journey!